50.000 Feet: mentorship for students in Eindhoven.

50.000 Feet

50.000 Feet

We provide free mentorship to ambitious young adults who study or recently studied at the TU Eindhoven


Our mentors are diverse and humble people who support you in reflecting on your goals and making them happen.

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What is it like to be at 50.000 Feet?


Our community consists of a bunch of open-minded, intellectually curious and humble young-adults from a wide variety of nationalities. Every month we come together in small groups of 3-5 students to discuss the development of your professional goals and reflect.


We are pro-bono organisation, meaning that we provide this mentorship for free. In return, we might encourage you to mentor others after a while: imagine a mentorship-snowball-effect. In this video, our students tell about what it is like to be at 50.000 Feet and how they feel about being a mentor themselves:


What does a mentor do for you?


We typically love to meet up on a weekday-evening to discuss our endeavours. This involves discussions, thought-experiments, and we also organise guest lectures and workshops. In this video, our students tell about what it is like to have a mentor:

What do you discuss with a mentor?


We don't only discuss the projects you are working on right now, but also what you might be doing after, what you can add to the world with what you have learned so far, and what triggers your curiosity to learn even more. In this video, our students tell about how they experience the discussions with their mentors:

Many ambitious students feel like this dog pretty much all the time.

Perhaps you would like to start a business, improve society, or save the climate. Or maybe you don’t really know yet. The requests for help can be diverse, but we are here to support you to make those ambitions concrete. The Cursor interviewed us about how we go about that!

Our mission


Our inspiration all started with a pretty crappy meme:

What we cannot do


We focus on supporting and encouraging ambition. We know there are high depression rates at the university but unfortunately we are unable to help you as efficient as we would like to with these specific issues; most of us are students.


There are a number of organisations that can with whom we are good friends:

1.  At the ESA you can get free and licensed psychological help. Some of us have good experiences with them.

2.  If you are not a student, an appointment with your doctor will help you further. Most have psychologists in their practice and connections with the GGD.

3.  At ESA, an extensive number of courses are organised. For example around planning, stress, procrastination, and even specialised courses like planning for people with ADHD.

4.  Study advisors offer great support with a variety of issues like keeping up with your study, combining study and life (especially when you struggle with health or family circumstances). Getting in touch with them is usually low-threshold.


Many of us know that problems can exist next to ambition and you are always welcome to get in touch if you feel like specific issues are not your main point of attention.

What happens if you sign up:


You will be invited for a coffee by Daphne. You can find her LinkedIn profile here. Together with her co-founder Benjamin she started 50.000 Feet in 2019 after teaching a course about professional development at the Eindhoven University of Technology for three years.  She will answer the questions that you might still have and warm heartedly welcome you in our group.

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